Thursday, 5 June 2014

Finally- A Proper Shoot!

Here is a selection of some of my work from 2nd year Contour Fashion at DMU. Big thanks to Roxanne Johns for modelling, Samantha Brown for styling and the lovely Ian Price for shooting it all so beautifully! It's wonderful to see the garments I've designed and made come to life, and this collaborative shoot is even better than I could have possibly envisioned. So happy with it!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nature Repeats : CAD Print for beachwear

Exploring the eroticism of tropical flowers and succulents through digital print.

Trend Board
Color Board

Line up 

Line up cont

Corsetry : Decay//Decorate

A first foray into corsetry exploring mould and fungus..

A co-ordinating bra to be worn with the underbust corset

A side view of the corset and bra on the stand

The corset on the body photographed during my presentation

The corset on the body photographed during my presentation

My final illustration

A close up of the beaded appliqué lace detail

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A peek into my sketchbook..

A few more illustrations I've been working on.

Thanks to my new old typewriter Rita, I've been able to incorporate text into my drawing, and after falling in love with the late Frank O'Hara, his ever-beauteous words have rather stoked my creative embers.  Now also, I am able to give my illustrations even more pretentious titles. Which, of course, brings me endless delight.

Also the odd quotes of Voltaire, Anaïs Nin, Dylan Thomas and Bukowski (natch).

Thursday, 31 October 2013


The gown I made for my FMP at Northbrook College way back in 2012 is rearing her pretty little head again in this beautiful photograph of Jessica May by Hanson Leatherby.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

'Lovers I Had and Liked' - Christening a New Sketchbook

After purchasing this whimsical new pocket sketchbook, I was desperate to credit the darling with an illustration, before I got too precious about not wanting to ruin a really lovely little book.

Thank heavens for the Liberty sale!
So far I have been keeping my illustrations on loose sheets of card in a little portfolio, to save them from getting crumpled, tea stained, and all that jazz.  But I like the idea of having a little A5 sketchbook of quicker illustrations that you can flick through.

Yet.. I'm not overjoyed with this illustration. I don't tend to draw women in profile, and I'm worried this lady looks a little too much like Walk Disney's Cinderella (which I can assure you, I was not going for).. I do like the effect of creating 'skin' by inking the background of an image though, definitely something to explore further!  I do like to use more symbolism when I illustrate, so maybe the lack of symbolism here is why this illustration seems so utterly lacking in soul power.

I guess the beauty (and the horror) of a bound sketchbook like this is that I'm forced to keep a true documentation of my work.. no ripping pages out and hiding them at the bottom of the bin, underneath a surreptitious banana peel or two.  Hopefully this will eventually prove more rewarding than painful, and show a progression of my work over time, which would be nice to see!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Inspired by Invertebrates

Brief and Printed Scarf
So I've been doing some reminiscing, and have dug these up...

Close-up of print on Tie Dress
(some pictures from a project during my Northbrook College days (oh where have they gone).)

Tie Dress and Printed Scarf

For this project (entitled 'Kyoto Song') I explored the aesthetics of Japanese Shibari bondage, and was particularly inspired by the photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.  I wanted to explore the psychology behind bondage: those who choose to bind and those who choose to be bound, and ponder the possibility of whether one can free themselves by acknowledging, (and then choosing to relinquish) their freedom.  After all what is bondage worth? What does it mean, and what does it say about the role of power and control (or lack thereof) within the human mind? 

Rope Knicker and Printed Scarf

I hand-dyed and printed the silk satin I used with octopi and rope, and used rope within my garments as a fastening and design detail. By using screen-printing to create placement prints, I allowed the rope to respond to the body in an abstract way, creating a rope 'spine' down the dress and knicker.  

Back of Tie Dress
All photos courtesy of the brilliant Carl Wicker.
Human beauty courtesy of Betsy Mittens.